Monday, May 26, 2008

Let Aarushi RIP !!!!!!

A family's tragedy..
A nation shocked...
Clueless cops...
An insensitive media.......
A teenager mercilessly taken away by the cruel hands of death and nobody seems to be bothered for her.Media is only concerned for their TRPs, they start poking their noses anywhere they sniff extra marital affairs and people like Deepak chaurasia suddenly turn private detectives.Our great cops, when they don't find anything, shamelessly cast aspersions on a girl's character (Gosh!!!!! she was only 14 and that servant was 46).
I can't stop myself from asking these questions

1) Is this the responsibility of a human being towards other humans
2) Has morality vanished from society.
3) Aarushi has been lost somewhere and nobody cares for the ordeal she went through.What would that pretty girl be thinking if she watches these state of affairs from heaven
I only pray to GOD.....................let her Rest in Peace

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