Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Atlas Shrugged Moment

"If you saw Atlas, the giant who holds the world on his shoulders, if you saw that he stood, blood running down his chest, his knees buckling, his arms trembling but still trying to hold the world aloft with the last of his strength, and the greater his effort the heavier the world bore down upon his shoulders - What would you tell him?"
I…don't know. What…could he do? What would you tell him?"
To shrug."

The Anna Hazare movement can draw many analogies with this magnum opus of Ayn Rand. A saint chose to lead from the front and beseeched the Atlases who hold the pillars of democracy on their shoulders to SHRUG....and they shrugged too........He came out as John Galt of this movement and the result is evident.......

Nobody is asking now...."WHO IS JOHN GALT"!!!!!!.....

Saturday, July 16, 2011

My Experiments with The Lens

It has been a year i got a Canon Rebel XSi for myself but didn't quite learn how to use it. I still lament my ignorance when i was not able to click virtually anything at Singapore Zoo and Sentosa. Now I have finally decided to give it a shot and record my learning here on my dormant blog .Today I visited Delhi zoo with a photography group aperture@ST(http://www.facebook.com/groups/aperture.st) and got a chance to learn a lot from the group . Some of my clicks are below.

A Must Have for Wildlife Photographers

Basics of photography @ http://www.tutorial9.net/tutorials/photography-tutorials/photography-basics/

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Actors: Aimless Wanderer and Mr.Anand
Venue: Cafe Coffee Day, 100 Ft Road, Indira Nagar
AW is fed up waiting for someone at CCD. Suddenly from nowhere a guy Mr. Anand turns up and starts the conversation.
Anand: So you too are waiting for someone, saw you drinking coffee alone.
AW: Yeah, my friend is on his way.
Anand: hmmmmm..........male or female
AW: Male (Why the hell this idiot is acting too courteous)
Anand : You look like a North Indian................Where are you from???
AW: Lucknow
Anand: What a coincidence, I’m from Varanasi............gr88888...and then a flurry of questions, which college, which company, since when you are in Bangalore where do you stay. Blah blah..........blah................
And while leaving.............Can I have your number...............poor AW gives him.........
Actors: AW (in spectator role), AW’s Body Builder Friend (BB) and Mr. X
Venue: Technical books section, Landmark Shop, Forum Mall
X: Are you a Java Developer
BB: yes
X: which Company
BB: Wipro Technologies
X: Oho......I work for Mindtree Consulting........... Can you suggest me a good book for EJB
BB: (being a java freak, loves to teach and criticize MS), starts his gyan session and goes on and on......
X: Have you done any certifications................
BB: yes.........(now he is not gonna stop) ,I’m a SCJP, SCWCD and SCBCD (and I never read from dumps............Mr X is clearly impressed ,at least pretending to be)
[Now when the colonial cousins have struck a common chord conversation becomes casual]
X: Man you have a great body , do you work out regularly..................Many times I tried to regularise my work outs but all in vain.........Give me some tips...................(beta ab ye nahi rukega)
BB : (goes on and on and AW scratching his already receding hair line)
[aur chalte chalte]
X: Can i have your number please, I too need to write some certifications......Will you help me with that
The Culmination:
AW gets a call on 1st of January...After all the happy new year and greetings.....comes the real issue and that too in a very impressive language.......Actually AW , me and some of my friends are doing a business apart from our regular work and we are being supported in this endeavour by many IITians and IIM guys (In India , this happens to be the best way to impress anyone) . Actually we merchandise products to consumers, not in fixed retail stores, but through person-to-person relationships between business owner and customer. (AW trying hard not to abuse anyone on New Year day..........................somehow gets rid of him)
Scene2: My Body Builder friend gets a call within 2 days..........and after some SCJP Gyan the coin dealer in disguise emerges from Mr.X who is out to sell a 8k coin for 30k because it has Pope John Paul and Mother Teresa inscriptions on it .(Sounds interesting)

One of my friends who is an Amway veteran says “No body does this for daal and roti ppl do it for sweets and chutney” .(well taken but i can’t digest it)

I don’t have anything against these type of businesses but I definitely don’t approve these type of stupid tactics. I’m sure many of you will be having many other similar stories to share and I won’t be passing a judgement on whether it is right or wrong because it may offend some of the fellow bloggers...............

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

ये है मुंबई मेरी जान----जीना है ए दिल मुश्किल यहाँ

My second blog on Mumbai………This city has always fascinated me………although I’ve never been there .It started long back in my college days when I read a book ‘Maximum City’( Suketu Mehta).This book is a classic study of Postmodern Bombay,full of stories, of all the characters, that make it up,from Bar girls to Gangsters,from bhaiyyas to netas,from Filmstars to politicians.These acoounts are extraordinary,heartbreaking at times too.
There is a certain mystery element about the city and perhaps that keeps it moving also.Every modern city always has a another side .Thanks to twin Gods of Globalization and Liberalization,these cities have become piligrims of collective achievement and individual pain. The divides in their cultures appear and disappear like ghosts. These divides and conflicts are very sincerely captured around synchronized Mumbai train blasts of 7/11/2006 in NishiKant Kamat’s first tryst with celluloid ‘Mumbai Meri Jaan(MMJ)’.There is a genuine authenticity in the characters of the movie,they have been beautifully penned down by Yogesh Vinayak Joshi. They are the characters next door,characters you find on the street.Their life after 7/11 undergoes a transition and each one of them tries to come to terms with his own internal conflicts.
There is a struggling businessman Kay Kay Menon who sees a communal angle after the blasts ,sets out his own investigation and later in the movie repents for every action of his.He depicts the communal divide.The coffee vendor Irfan Khan hates the rich and is out to take revenge on all those who humiliated him in front of his wife and child. He finds hoax phone calls a potent weapon in his mission and only when one elderly gentleman suffers a stroke because of his actions, he realizes what he was doing(rich-poor divide).The good samartian and to-be-father Madhavan,who,unlike his friends,hates to chase the Great American Dream,who travels in local trains and very concerned about the environment suddenly goes into self introspection mode and finds a conflict between his heart and mind.The spirit of Mumbai makes his heart win over his mind.
Now the characters who are my personal favourites:
What happens when the newsmaker herself becomes a news.A typical offspring of the Indian News Channel revolution Soha Ali Khan , who can sensationalize any no-news and can shamelessely ask the million dollar TV journo question “apko kaisa lag raha hai” in any situation,whatsoever,finds the same question haunting her when her fiancee loses his life in the blasts and her grief becomes a national news.Paresh Rawal, a police constable who is about to retire and Vijay Maurya, a new recruit into the department are struggling with their identities.While the former is reminiscing over is what he has done during his entire service and the latter who wants to do so much is not being allowed to do so.
The beauty of the movie lies in the thruthfulness of these 5 chaps who portray their characters with utmost conviction.Irfan khan who speaks barely a few lines in the movie conveys everything through his eyes.Madhavan,although underplayed in the movie,plays his character with profound sincerity.Paresh Rawal tries to wash his Priyadarshan infested sins and for Soha its a reinvention.For kay kay its nothing new,he’s an actor par excellence. The climax of the movie is beautifully shot and how the city rises from the debris and again moves towards normalcy is captivating……
This is a must watch movie,though it becomes sluggish at times and sometimes very complex too but the message of the movie is written clearly on the wall:”This is my city and i won’t let its soul die because of somebody else’s nefarious designs:”
Salute to undying spirit of Mumbai!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Executive and Bureaucracy---Excerpts from memoirs of LK Advani

For someone who hails from a state like UP, keeping himself aloof from politics is not so easy………. so when former Deputy PM and PM in waiting came up with his memoirs, I simply could not resist myself from getting a copy for me….I am only halfway of this book “My Country, My Life” and my first reactions would be:
There is a great flow in the book. As you go through the sequence of events in the book, you seem to be reliving the Post Independence India in front of your eyes .How the political landscape has changed in the past 61 years is one thing which most people of my generation are unaware of, and this is what you’ll get from this book whether you subscribe to Advani’s views or not. The first few pages also talk of Sindh before partition which is unarguably the best part of whatever I have read till now in these memoirs. The city of Karachi, through Advani’s eyes will make you spellbound. I’m sure Sindhis will be able to appreciate this description more.
Midway, I stumbled upon a very interesting anecdote……….which I could not stop myself from sharing with you all. This was the time when Mr.Advani was Presiding Officer of Delhi Metropolitan Council.
He writes:
“Interacting with Adityanath Jha, who was Lt.Governor of Delhi during those days, was always a pleasure. Once I and Jha were discussing the question of minister-bureaucrat relations, Jha recounted me an interesting fable. This was about a centipede which became afflicted with arthiritis.Naturally, for the centipede, the ailment was extremely agonising. Her family, unable to see her mother suffer from such excruciating pain, advised her to consult the wise owl living on the nearby tree. The centipede went to wise owl who, after listening to her woes, gravely pronounced:’ your problem is that you have too many feet. The remedy is simple. Convert yourself into a crow, and the pain will be considerably mitigated.’ Mother centipede returned home very happy, and shared the wise owl’s prescription with her children. One of the little ones asked: ‘Mother, but how will you convert yourself into a crow?’ The centipede felt stumped.’ I forgot to ask him that,’ she said, and forthwith proceeded to the wise owl to get his guidance. Jha completed his narrative thus:’ The wise owl’s response was that of a typical minister: My function is to lay down policy; how to execute it is your job!’ “
This says so much for the shoddy state of affairs, red-tapism and inefficient implementation in Government Departments.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Let Aarushi RIP !!!!!!

A family's tragedy..
A nation shocked...
Clueless cops...
An insensitive media.......
A teenager mercilessly taken away by the cruel hands of death and nobody seems to be bothered for her.Media is only concerned for their TRPs, they start poking their noses anywhere they sniff extra marital affairs and people like Deepak chaurasia suddenly turn private detectives.Our great cops, when they don't find anything, shamelessly cast aspersions on a girl's character (Gosh!!!!! she was only 14 and that servant was 46).
I can't stop myself from asking these questions

1) Is this the responsibility of a human being towards other humans
2) Has morality vanished from society.
3) Aarushi has been lost somewhere and nobody cares for the ordeal she went through.What would that pretty girl be thinking if she watches these state of affairs from heaven
I only pray to GOD.....................let her Rest in Peace

Sunday, May 25, 2008

A Tale of Two Cities

Shahrukh Khan once told in an interview”When I came to Mumbai I thought that one day I will conquer this city,but now when i look back and see I realise that I have been conquered by Mumbai.The city has made me its slave.”Every year hordes of people from all over the country come to their city of dreams..for their livelihood,for their survival..such is the cosmopolitan nature of this city…All these years I used to have this impression of Mumbai….but the recent events there have made me think if I am correct or not.
The second city in the tale is Namma Bengalooru…India’s Silicon Valley….which,15 years back was a pensioner’s paradise,the city of gardens,city of udupi restaurants,city of iyengar bakeries.The city now is a concrete jungle.Udupi restaurnats and Iyengar bakeries have given their way to CCDs and McD’s.The garden city is now called a PubHub.I can imagine how it feels to be a person who lived all his life here in bangalore.similar to mumbai hordes of engineers,IT Professionals come here every year with dreams in their eyes only to give its collapsing infrastructure a further beating..
Now,what has happened in mumbai,If I’m asked is a murder of democracy.Keeping a state on gunpoint by a failed politician to hog limelight can never be justified.If Mumbai is for Mumbaikars and delhi for delhites becomes the law of today,then the basics our nation are somewhere wrong.Infrastructure is a issue but after 25-30 years only you realise that infrastructure is collapsing and not to forget that the people whom you are chasing out of Mumbai are the very ppl who have been utilised by virtually every political party for their votebank politics.
What has come as a full blow in Mumbai is only an undercurrent in Bengalooru(by the grace of Almighty).I also live here and I love this place,its Culture,its tolerance.Mindless expansion(without having the infrastructure in place) has definitely taken away the soul from the city but IT sector cannot be blamed for every problem in the city.
It is for bengalooru to decide whether to go the Mumbai way or find some alternative…
Bouquets and Brickbats expected and awaited